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Las vegas 15 arenas video and photo

hello every body I’m ready for new upcoming photo and video projects.

one of my favorite shoot is las vegas 15 arenas video and photo.

im so happy to work with 15 arenas in las vegas doing my favorite job shooting lots of photos and taking great videos.

hola a todos listos para trabajar con los nuevos eventos de pato and videos.

uno de mis favoritos es 15 maneras en las vegas de photo and video.

muy contento de trabajar con esta 15 anera en las vegas asiendo lo que mas amo photos and videos in las vegas

Photo Editing

When you hire a professional digital photographer you not only expect his/her ability to capture amazing split second moments, but you also expect “out of the ordinary, precision digital photo editing” to make your pictures pop!

Photo editing is also a very important part of the over-all service. Some photographers just take some quick shots and hand you the unedited images on a disc, unfortunately they simply want to get paid and off they go. I don’t personally work that video editingway. After I capture the images I then download all of them to my hard-drive and then very carefully review each and every picture looking for the very best, most flattering imagery. I then take my time adjusting the contrast, brightness and color. I also size, rotate, and adjust the sharpness, and if needed lightly air brush at no extra charge. In fact all of my photo packages include not only the on-site or studio capture, but all of the hours and hours of digital editing on the back end that truly enhance each individual picture.

I do not “batch edit”, in other words I do not download all of your images into my computer and then press a button hoping each image will come out OK. I personally adjust each image according to what that specific image may need in terms of color, contrast, sharpness and texture.

Each photographer has a different way of creating a picture, that’s what makes photography such a fascinating art form. That said, it is important to take a good look at each artists work and style. After all, you are paying a photographer for his/her special talent, unique eye, and ability to produce amazing “high resolution” images.

Why hire a pro wedding photographer And Videographer:

• 1. Pro high end gear to include EOS digital camera bodies, top specialty lenses, strobe flash units for stellar lighting, back up gear, and the very best image editing software.
• 2. A hired professional must take on the responsibility of being on time, organizing and posing guests, to capture (even in low lit settings), to parse through all random images of the day, and to engage in lengthy and meticulous editing and retouching of each master image.
• 3. Photographer must meet time guidelines previously agreed upon within the photo services agreement.
• 4. You hire a pro for their very unique style, eye, creativity and expertise.
• 5. You hire a professional in order to make sure that you hold the “personal licensing rights” to use the images per your written agreement.
• 6. You hire a pro in order to allow those guests in your party to relax and enjoy themselves at your event and not worry about “working the room”.
• 7. You hire a pro because you want the very best possible “high resolution” images, to include post production, sizing, rotating of vertical shots, and various texturing options.
• 8. You hire a pro because he/she will more than likely offer various image distribution options like slide-show presentations, downloads etc. for family and guests.
• 9. You hire a pro for his/her digital graphics capabilities to include light air brushing techniques, color and contrast adjustments, blemish removal , image sharpening, layering and more.
• 10. If visiting or getting married in Las Vegas your photographer can share with you some of the very best spots for outdoor specialty photo ops.

Candyman Art StudioWe are still working on our website with Candyman Art Studio. They building our photo and video galleries, adding content, and optimizing it for Google and other search engines. We are planning to finish it by December 25, 2014, so please sit tight and sorry for the delays. Right now we are organizing our legal forms, contact, and booking information.

Thanks to Candyman Art Studio for being patiant with our ideas of design and programming. We am so happy we chose to built our website with Candyman Art Studio. They do everything custom from the scratch.
They take pictures and shoot videos. They retouch and edit all the digital data. They build and program websites. They have very solid stategies for serch engine optimizations. Our site was online and appeared in Google as soon as they launched it. We didn’t even know that it takes so much time and dedecation to make a beautiful website. Candyman Art Studio also is teaching us how to manage, add, change and navigate our Professional Video Photo Service content by ourself without any professional help.

We are very happy so far with Candyman Art Studio! We’ll keep posting as soon as our website will be complete. Thank you for reading our posts. Feel free to contact us with your Video Photo projects.